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Wednesday, August 27, 2008  


Good Day Crusaders,
Here is your Wednesday Update.
Tonight there are 3 stirring calls.  All of these calls are open to the public, so feel free to invite guests.
All calls are held at our Conference Call line of:
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
1.  Why Americans Get Sick, Featuring Walt Merriman
8:30 pm EST - 9 pm EST
Topic:  Allergies part II
2.  Debt Negotiator Featuring Attorney Harold Sheppley
9:05 pm EST - 9:50 pm EST
3.  Body Wellness Q & A Call Featuring Walt Merriman
10 pm EST - 11 pm EST
Make sure you email your Body Wellness related questions to:




Major Announcements This Week
Crusaders, we are so excited about the direction of YPL.  It is said that in a space shuttle expedition, 90% of the fuel needed for the trip is expended during the launch phase.
Though YPL has officially launched as of Oct. 13, 2007, we are still an infant company.  But we are making some major strides.
This week we will have several announcements and you do not want to miss any of them.  You will see that we are on the MOVE!!!


The first announcement will come on the Thursday Gold Team Leadership Call.  While this call is designed for our Gold Team Leaders, we will make the announcement at roughly 9:40 pm EST.  
The other major announcement will come on Sunday night's Multi-Millionaire Mentorship call at 10 pm EST.
Thursday Night Calls
Remember, we have two immensly important calls on Thursday, August 27.  Both calls are held at 605-475-6900 pin 100101#.
1.  Gold Team Leadership Training Call 9 pm - 9:45 pm EST.
The purpose of this call is to re-ignite and refocus our Gold Team Leaders.  The Gold Team Leader position is priceless.  As a Gold Team Leader, you are paid to an UNLIMITED DEPTH, you MATCH the Standard Bonuses of EVERYONE in your Gold Team, you are Paid an UNLIMITED number of MPBS, and paid residual income from two sources (CA Elite Membership & Water Divine Product Movement).
If you are Gold, have Gold Team Leaders on your team, or are an Aspiring Gold, make sure you are on this call.  Also, make sure you reach out to every Gold Team Leader that you may have in your organization.
There will be an exciting PowerBuilder Promotion announced on the Thursday night Gold Team Leadership Training Call.  The promotion will  start Friday, August 29 and extend until Tuesday, September 30.  We will share the announcement at roughly 9:35 pm EST on the Thursday call.
2.  Last Chance Action Call (Cut-Off Call) 10:00 pm EST - 11 pm EST
The Last Chance Action Call is the equivalent of your weekly business presentation meeting.  This is where we are getting all of our prospects to come and hear the exciting YPL story with the 1.75 for gas lead in.
Every week this call attracts members and guests from all across the country.  We even have an optional Q & A call so guests can get their questions answered as they make a prudent business decision.
Every YPL CRUSADER should be on this call with guests. 
Let's make this Thursday's call the biggest Last Chance Call EVER!!!
*  How does it feel to wake up and check your PowerBuilder System and find out that someone that you have never met, in a different part of the country than from where you are from, has joined with you in YPL.
Ask Joyce Hopper from North Carolina that.  Last week, one of her paid members was a gentleman that responded to her Call Fire Recording.  He got on the Thursday night call and joined.... never having seen a presentation.  In time, this will be the norm in your business!!!!

Go For The Gold