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Monday October 13, 2008  


Good Day {!Firstname},
Here is your Monday update.
Crusaders here are your Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday line up of calls.
All Calls are held at 605-475-6900 pin 100101#.
Monday 10/06
1.  Back To Basics 8 pm EST
2.  YPL and Faith Based Organizations at 9 pm EST
3.  PowerBuilder / Business Building Training Call at 10 pm EST
Tuesday, 10/07
1.  Fast Start Orientation Call at 10 pm EST.
Wednesday, 10/08
1.  Simply YPL... This call features Walt, William and T Le Mont and is a must for all serious Crusaders.
8:30 pm EST - 9:30 pm EST
2.  Body Wellness Q & A
10 pm EST - 11 pm EST
Last Week's Recorded Calls
1.  Sunday, Oct 5... Multi-Millionaire Mentorship Call Featurine William V. Thompson


2.  Monday, Oct. 6.... PowerBuilder Business Building Call.  (Because of a technical issue, this call was broken up into two separate parts.  Here is Part 1
Here is Part II
3.   Wednesday, Oct. 8.... Simply YPL Featuring Walt Merriman, William V. Thompson &
T. Le Mont Siver, Sr. 
4. Wednesday, Oct. 8...  Body Wellness Q & A Featuring Walt Merriman:
5.  Sunday, Oct 12... Multi-Millionaire Mentorship Call Featuring Greg West (Special Call focusing on the Bail-Out)
October Enrollment Special
In an effort to help our CRUSADERS create more revenues through their YPL businesses, YPL will lower the enrollment packages purchased by their new Crusaders.
This promotion will actually begin on Friday, Sept. 26 (the beginning of our new PowerBuilder week) and will go through our cut-off on Friday, Oct 31.
The Starter Package will be reduced by $40 during this Enrollment Special Period.
The MS-R5 Package will be reduced by $100 during this Enrollment Special Period.
For those that are Starters, you'll be able to purchase your MS-R5 Upgrade for $80 below the normal upgrade price.
YPL will pay the full compliment of commissions on these lowered enrollment purchases.  So even though the MS-R5 package is $100 less, YPL will still pay the normal commissioning for these enrollment packages.
This should help you sponsor more new members that purchase enrollment packages and increase the amount of Bonuses, Pay Check Matches and MPBs paid to the field.
Get 3, MPB
For those enrolling through the PowerBuilder, their Starter Enrollment of $167.50 is being reduced to $127.50 for this promotion.  MS-R5 enrollees are having their packages reduced from $570 to $470.  Remember, these amounts reflect their enrollment package, 1st month's PowerBuilder fee and their shipping and taxes.


All new CRUSADERS may order the Body Foundation Twin for just $109.97* or the Body Foundation Single for just 79.97* upon their initial enrollment.  To purchase the Body Foundation at this price, the New Crusader would need to order by way of our new 800 call in service.  That number is 1-800-572-2062.
*  There are no commissions paid to the field for this optional purchase.
Debt Negotiator
The Debt Negotiator has become a major weapon in our "Counter Attack" to the War on the Middle Class.
Not only are clients of Debt Negotiator getting out of their unsecured debts in an average of 36 months, while saving 10s of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in interest.... They are also saving an average of 40% on their monthly payments.
A recent closed case took one Debt Negotiator Client from having close to $100,000 in unsecured debt, down to less than $60,000 in unsecured debt.  This is an immediate $40,000 in savings just on the principal.
This client's monthly payment decreased from roughly $1800 a month down to $1200 a month, saving the client $600 a month.
The YPL referrer made $300 by simply referring this person to Debt Negotiator.
To refer a potential client is very simple:
1.  Email with the contact information, including the name, email address and phone number of your potential client.
2.  Corporate then sends that to Debt Negotiator.  Debt Negotiator then contacts the client for their Free Analysis.
3.  If the client enrolls in the program, you are paid up to $300!!!
It is just that simple!!!
*  Remember, if one of your personally sponsored Crusaders becomes a Debt Negotiator Client, you are paid up to $300.