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Crusaders' News
Monday, August 25, 2008  




Good Day Crusaders,
Here is Monday's CRUSADERS' News.

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Tonight we have three POWERFUL Calls.  All calls are on our
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
1.  8pm EST - Personal Wellness Call Featuring Cliff Lovick.
Join Cliff as he empowers us to stay on track to reaching Your Promised Land.
2.  9 pm EST - YPL & Faith Based Organizations. 
Bring leaders of your Faith Based Organization to this call so they can hear how YPL can impact their bottom line.
3.  10 pm EST - 11:15 pm EST - PowerBuilder Training Call
Learn how to build your business off and online with the YPL PowerBuilder




Sunday Night, August 31 
Major Announcement


Crusaders, make sure you are on the Sunday, Multi-Millionaire Mentorship call on Sunday, August 31.  While we know it is Labor Day Weekend, there is a major part of our system that has undergone a tremendous upgrade.
This announcement will be a major bullet in your "Counter Attack" weapon, the MS-R5
Even if you are vacationing, make sure you call into Sunday's 10 pm Multi-Millionaire Mentorship call at 10 pm.
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Special Gold Team Leadership Training Call
This Thursday at 9pm EST
If you are a Gold Team Leader, you cannot afford to miss the Gold Team Leadership Call.  We are reaching out to all active and inactive Gold Team Leaders as we want to cover some very important information with you.  Make sure you and those on your team that are Gold Team Leaders attend this very important tele-conference.
Thursday, August 28, 2008
9 pm - 9:45 pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#




Do You Know How To Order Water Divine?
Water Divine is the wellness product line exclusively marketed by Your Promised Land.  In June of this year we made a major technology transition to help support the current and future growth of YPL.
With this transition, the way to order Water Divine was greatly simplified.  However, though it is simpler it is new.   Below is a document that is in your official YPL back office under the Resource Center and then under Getting Started.  It walks you through placing a Water Divine order.
Hear are all of the Recorded Calls from last week
Feel free to download them, save them and burn them to a CD
*  please note that each audio has a play and a download button.  To simply listen to the audio, press play.  To download it so you can burn it to a cd, press download.
Sunday, August 17, 2008 - Multi-Millionaire Mentorship Call
Focus:  Tying All of YPL Together
Monday, August 18, 2008 PowerBuilder Training Call
Focus:  Call Fire, Developing Your Schedule
Wednesday August 20, Why Americans Get Sick, Featuring Walt Merriman
Focus:  Allergies


Wednesday, August 20, Tax Wellness Call Featuring Steve Spangenberg & William V. Thompson

Focus:  The Tax Advantages Of Having a Home-Based Business

*  This call also has a web link so you can copy and paste and sent it in an email.  This is a powerful call that could help you land recruits into your business.




Thursday, August 21, Gold Team Leadership Call

Focus:  Building your Gold Team, Increasing your

Gold Team Retail Spread Income




Go For The GOLD!!!