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Tuesday, September 2, 2008  


Good Day T,
Here is your Tuesday Update.
Make sure you check out all of last week's recorded calls in the Recorded Calls Section.
Last night, we were not able to get on any of our regularly scheduled calls.  This was due to a lightning strike to the system. 
It is being worked on, but is still not up.  Please call in for tonight's regularly scheduled calls, as the system may be up by that time.
Please keep all of the families in the Gulf in your prayers. 
YPL Television Show Coming SOON......
YPL will soon launch a television show featuring Walt Merriman and the Water Divine Product line.
The show will be featured on a faith-based television network based in Alabama, with a viewership into the Multiple Millions.  The show can be seen in parts of Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee.
However, the show will broadcast on the World Wide Web so that all Crusaders and their prospects will be able to view the show.
Imagine how you will EXPLODE the Water Divine portion of your YPL business with this show. 
More information about the show will be shared in the coming weeks.
PowerBuilder Promotion
The PowerBuilder is a major part of building our YPL business.  We are looking to develop a 2% - 8% conversion rate of active pre-enrollees.  Simply put, the more ACTIVE pre-enrollees one has, the more success they will have with the PowerBuilder.
The promotion started on, Friday, August 29 and will run through Sept. 30.  all PowerBuilder Crusaders will have a chance to win the Active Pre-Enrollee Promotion of $100 to as much as $500.
YPL will award the top 5 ACTIVE pre-enrollers with a Bonus of $100 if you come in 3rd, 4th or 5th place.
If you are in 2nd place, you will receive $200.
The top ACTIVE pre-enroller will receive a $500 cash prize.
You must have at least 50 active pre-enrollees during this contest period to win.
*  For this promotion, by ACTIVE pre-enrollees we mean new prospects that sign in directly into your PowerBuilder Site to get the E-Book. 
Tell A Friend prospects that become active are not included in this promotion as we currently do not have a way of tracking those results.
Here are the top five Active Pre-enrollers since the contest began on Friday:
1.  Joyce Hopper  34
2.  Laura Carmichael  25
3.  Tyrone Jones 14
4.  Odell & Sierra Bizzell 13
5.  D & D Marketing 12


Last Week's Recorded Calls
Every Monday we will have our Recorded Calls Section.  Here you can listen and/or download, save and burn to a cd, all of the recorded calls from the previous week.  Please notice that each call has a play button and a download button.  Click the download button if you wish to download the audio to burn it to a cd.
Become a Student of your Business and turn your automobile into a University!!!
Sunday, Aug. 24 Investment Training Call:
Focus:  Investment Basics
Sunday, August 24, Multi-Millionaire Mentorship Call Featuring William V. Thompson and Greg West with Credit Maximizer
Monday, August 25, Personal Wellness Featuring Cliff Lovick
Focus:  Determining Your Values
Monday, August 25, PowerBuilder Training Featuring T. Le Mont Silver, Sr.
Wednesday, August 27, Why Americans Get Sick
Featuring:  Walt Merriman
Focus:  Allergies Part 2


Release of the New Debt Eliminator Software
A big part of our MS-R5 system is having you and your family completely and totally and utterly debt FREE.
On Sunday, August 31 at 10 pm EST, we released our new Debt Eliminator software system.
The Debt Eliminator is now web-based so you'll be able to access it from the internet, anywhere in the world.
The Debt Eliminator will give you a road map to be out of all of your debt, both secured and unsecured in 1/2 to 1/3 of the time.
To access your Debt Eliminator, log into your official YPL back office and you'll see the button Cash Flow Management System / Debt Eliminator.
*  The new Water Divine Site is up in its incomplete state.  More videos will come online over the coming days.


Water Divine, Toll FREE, 24/7 Ordering Hotline!
At our National Confernce, you told us that you wanted to see an ordering system that would allow your members and clients to order offline, if they were not tech savvy or did not have access to the internet.
We have heard and responded to your plea.  Effective IMMEDIATELY, we have a 24 hour a day / 7 Day a week ordering service where Water Divine orders can be made.
This is NOT a voice mail service, rather each order will be taken by a live, friendly operator.
Be mindful of the following as orders are placed through this system:
1.  There is a $2 service charge added to each order made through this system.  Crusaders, who are tech savvy should order through their Crusaders' back office or through their Retail Client order position.  This order service is intended for those that have no internet access or are not tech savvy.
2.  When ordering, the Client or Member should have the YPL ID# that is to receive credit for the order.  Before sending your potential client to this line, please make sure they have your YPL ID# to give the customer service people so you will receive proper credit.
You can obtain your YPL ID# by going to your official site and logging in.  From there, click onto the Main Menu at the top left and then click onto Profile.  There you will see your six digit YPL Crusader ID #.
Failure to complete this step could result in the order not being properly credited.
3.  Be mindful that the price given over the phone for the product order does not include shipping and taxes.  The operators do fully disclose this.
4.  Once the order is taken, it is then sent to be placed in computer system.  This may cause a delay of a day or two because of this manual process. 
By keeping this points in mind, the new Toll FREE, 24/7, Ordering Hotline is just another way that we are helping you to reach Your Promised Land!
The number for this INCREDIBLE new service is:

T, with CRUSADERS like you, we will become a GREAT Company,

Go For The Gold!