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Welcome Crusaders to this edition of Crusaders' News.  Every Tuesday, we will issue another edition of Crusaders' News.  Make sure you check your emails for the Crusaders' News link.
In your Crusader News you will find announcements of upcoming special events including special meetings, workshops and conference calls and special Crusader Spotlights.
We will post the recorded calls from the previous week's tele-seminars in our Monday's Crusaders' News Link.
Enjoy this August 12, 2008 edition.
The First National Conference
Was An Amazing Success
Our first National Conference was an AMAZING Success.  Crusaders that attended were able to feel the passion of our Mentors as they helped us all to better understand the need to build an ARMY to forge the "Counter Attack" against the War On The Middle Class.
YPL introduced our new Personal Wellness Mentor, Cliff Lovick.  Cliff's role has our Personal Wellness and Life Coach begins the fulfillment of the three areas of Wellness:
1.  Body Wellness
2.  Financial Wellness
3.  Personal Wellness
PowerBuilder Updates

The PowerBuilder launched as our powerful internet marketing tool a few weeks ago.  Since that time, we have seen Crusaders that had been having little success in their business, start to see paid members coming into their organizations.
A number of Gold Team Leaders, who previously had never earned MPBs, have earned them in the very short time that we have used the PowerBuilder.
Over the coming days and weeks, we will be tweaking the PowerBuilder based on positive feedback from the field and objective internet marketers that are not a part of YPL. 
The first modification has already been made.  When your new pre-enrollee logs in, the FREE E-Book is plainly visable so your prospect has no questions where to go to get the E-Book.
Over the coming days and weeks here are some additional modifications that you can expect:
1.  We are modifying the Lead Capture page that is pictured above.  Instead of the verbiage and flash that talks about everything that YPL has to offer, it will focus on the promotion of I Pay 1.75 For Gas. 
According to our independent internet consultations, this is expected to increase the percentage of people that go to your site and actually sign in to receive the E-Book.
2.  We will take the current E-Book and make each chapter its own mini E-Book.  This will allow prospects to only get what they are interested in.  Of course we will feature the I Pay $1.75 For Gas E-Book. 
This will reduce the download time of the current E-Book.  It will also be a positive mental move.  The current E-Book is thorough and has 24 pages.  However, for a prospect, the fact that it is 24 pages may cause a mental stumbling block.  By making this modification, each mini E-Book will be 5-6 pages or LESS.
Hear some of the riveting testimonies from the field about the PowerBuilder / 1.75 promotion:
Candy King: 
Katina Cloud: 
Zik Stewart:  
Walt Merriman, The Nation's Foremost Wellness Coach, Guru and Mentor and now....
System Codes Unbroken


System Codes Unbroken
In his latest work "System Codes Unbroken: Secrets to a Physically Abundant Life”, Walt Merriman speaks about common, yet potentially serious illnesses that plague hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. With each chapter, Merriman gives a brief synopsis of the illness in question and offers suggestions for mineral supplements that can help aid the body in restoring itself. While this publication is in no way a substitute for professional medical attention, Merriman gives the reader insight into which mineral supplements may be able to assist the professional medical attention in helping your body repair damage and to fortify itself



This book is a must have for every YPL Crusader and their loved ones.  It is available now in both the Crusader and Retail Client Shopping carts for just 24.95.
Tele-Seminar Recorded Library
Click Here To Listen To Our Library Of Recorded Calls:


Special "URGENT" Gold Team Leadership Call on Thursday, August 14, 2008
On Thursday, August 14, we will have an "URGENT" Gold Team Leadership call at 9 pm EST.  This call will precede our Last Chance Call at 10 pm EST. 
Please get the word out to EVERY Gold Team Leader in your team, even if they have been inactive. 
The call will be held on our regular conference call number:
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
YPL Tele-Seminar Schedule
Personal Wellness Call Featuring Cliff Lovick
2nd & 4th Monday
8:00-8:50 EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
YPL & Faith Based Organizations
9:00-9:50 EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
PowerBuilder / Leadership Call
10-11pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
The Word on Money (Faith Based)
9 - 9:45pm EST
641.715.3300 PIN 633710#
Fast Start Orientation Call:  Featuring Jerri Stewart and Bunmi Moore
10-11pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
"Why People Get Sick" Featuring Walt Merriman, Wellness Mentor
Every Wednesday
8:30-9pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
The Debt Negotiator System, Featuring Atty. Harold Shepley
2nd & 4th  Wednesday
9 - 9:50 pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Body Wellness Question and Answer Call Featuring Walt Merriman
Every Wednesday
10-11pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Tax Wellness Call Featuring Steven B. Spangenberg
1st & 3rd Wednesday
9 - 9:50 pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Last Chance, Action Call   (Business Presentation Call) w/ Optional Q & A Session
Every Thursday
10-11pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Multi-Millionaire Monopoly Mentorship Call Featuring Wiiliam V. Thompson
Every Sunday
10-11pm EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Stock Market Trading Call
1st Sunday
8:45 - 9:50 EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Real Estate Investment Call
2nd Sunday
8:45 - 9:50 EST
605-475-6900 pin 100101#
Support Ticketing System
Now that we have made our technology transition, we are asking CRUSADERS to use the Support Ticketing System when communicating with corporate.
This system provides a log of all correspondence between corporate and the field so your support items are handled efficiently.
You will find this feature in your back office under SUPPORT.
Dream Corner:
Dream Relationships, Dream Homes, Dream Travel....
YOU Deserve To Have It ALL


Go For The Gold Crusaders  





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